Terms and conditions


  1. MEDIA DOO is a private company with limited liability (LLC) with registered seat at Bulevar Ivana Crnojevica 83, 81,000 Podgorica, Montenegro with company registration number: 5-0077341, dully registered to provide legal consulting and accounting services (hereinafter and together: „services“) within Montenegro.
  2. The name MEDIA DOO indicates the company as well as each individual consultant, advisor or representative involved in handling the file entrusted to MEDIA DOO for the services.
  3. The relationship between MEDIA DOO and the client shall be established in an agreement for legal or accounting services and shall be signed in as many copies as there are parties to the agreement. These general terms and conditions shall be an integral part of the agreement for legal  or accounting services and shall be exclusively applicable to the relationship between MEDIA DOO and the client. The signature of the agreement for legal or accounting  services by the client indicates his acceptance of the abovementioned general terms and conditions.
  4. All assignments shall be accepted and executed by MEDIA DOO exclusively on behalf of the client. The client shall provide immediately MEDIA DOO with any and all necessary and relevant information and documents throughout the duration of the assignment. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the information provided by him or on his behalf is correct, complete and trustworthy.
  5. As per applicable laws, MEDIA DOO is obliged to keep certain information confidential. Any and all letters, financial statements, accounting or advice documents, court or tax offcie documents etc. that MEDIA DOO disclose to the clients are therefore confidential. The client should therefore respect the confidentiality thereof. The client may only disclose these documents and the contents thereof to third parties after obtaining the express permission of MEDIA DOO in writing.
  6. The advice, opinions, contracts, written documents and any and all other work that is the result of the intellectual labor of MEDIA DOO shall be protected by the intellectual property rights and may in no event be disclosed, reproduced, introduced into circulation or used in any other way that is not in conformity with the assignment and instructions of MEDIA DOO, unless with prior express permission from MEDIA DOO in writing.
  7. MEDIA DOO may, for the execution of the assignment, consult any suitable third parties. While consulting with third parties, whether on behalf of the client or not, MEDIA DOO shall have a duty of care.
  8. MEDIA DOO shall charge the client its fees, costs and advance payments, including an advance on fees and costs.  The stated amounts and rates are exclusive of VAT. Except otherwise agreed upon between MEDIA DOO and the client, the fees shall be calculated according to the Price lists for legal and accounting services, which are integral part of these Terms and Conditions. The costs shall be divided into general and specific case costs (such as but not limited to the communication, administration, archiving costs), costs of third parties (such as but not limited to the bailiff, notary public, expert costs, court fees, translation fees) as well as accommodation and transportation and other specific and exceptional costs.
  9. At the time of the signature of the agreement for Legal or Accounting services an advance payment may be calculated. The advance payment, if any, shall be deposited on the account of MEDIA DOO in order to enable MEDIA DOO to commence its services. MEDIA DOO can at its discretion request the client at any time for additional advance payments or request the security for the payment of the foreseeable fees, costs and advanced payments.
  10. The fees, costs and advanced payments are payable within eight calendar days from the invoice date. If the payment has not been received within the specified time, the due amount shall, without any prior notice, be increased with 10% interest per annum as well as a fixed surcharge of 10% on the outstanding amount. Every complaint concerning the fees, costs or advanced payments shall be addressed to MEDIA DOO by registered mail within a period of eight calendar days after the invoice date. If no complaint is received within this period, the invoice encompassing the fees, costs and advanced payments shall be considered irrevocably accepted by the client.
  11. MEDIA DOO reserve its right to, in the event of a late payment or lack of payment of the fees, costs and advance payments, suspend the performance of the assignment as specified in the agreement for legal and accounting services, until full payment of the outstanding fees, advance payments and costs has been made or to terminate the agreement for legal and accounting services with immediate effect.
  12. Payment of fees and (interim) fee statements made by the client in performance of the contract services are always deemed to be vested by MEDIA DOO.
  13. Both the client and MEDIA DOO shall have the right to terminate the agreement for services, without specifying the reasons in terms regulated by the Agrements, with cancelation period of 60 days. In such circumstances, the client shall be obliged to reimburse MEDIA DOO all the outstanding balance of fees, advance payments and costs until the date of termination of the agreement for the services.
  14. The application by the client for any subsidies or financial assistance in whatever form, regardless of whether it has been granted or not, shall not affect the duty of the client and MEDIA DOO to perform their duties and obligations.
  15. The liability of MEDIA DOO will prescribe one (1) years after the termination of the contract.
  16. The client shall protect and compensate MEDIA DOO entirely for any and all possible third party claims (such as but not limited to costs of defense or damage).
  17. MEDIA DOO shall not be liable for any damage, which may result from the suspension or the termination of the agreement of the services.
  18. The nullity of one of the clauses or a part thereof shall not result in the present general terms and conditions becoming null and void in its entirety. Should a clause be declared null and void, the concerned clause shall be replaced by an appropriate provision of law.
  19. Montenegrin law shall be exclusively applicable to the agreement and to the legal relationship between the client and MEDIA DOO. The courts of Podgorica in Montenegro shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with the present agreement, notwithstanding MEDIA DOO right to institute the legal proceedings before the courts that otherwise might have jurisdiction to the client.
  20. These general terms and conditions have been originally drafted in Montenegrin.  There are also translation on English. In case of conflict in the interpretation between the Montenegrin text and the translated versions the Montenegrin text shall have priority.