Labor issues

labor issues

We provide full legal and administrative support for employment procedure for your local or international staff. Head-hunting,  making the Labor contracts and their updates or Annexes, recording at the Governmental institutions, providing working and residence permissions for foreign personnel,  is just a part of our service on a regular base.

In the last few years, more than 50 foreign persons have received a legal sojourn (a temporary stay) in Montenegro with help of our professional support. Our legal experts for Labor law and law on Employment and Work of Foreigners can give you professional comments and advice, on your request.

Our services include:

  • Head-hunting
  • Registration at the State Agency for Employment
  • Diploma recognition procedure at the Ministry of education of Montenegro
  • Working permit obtaining
  • Residence license obtaining
  • Working booklet obtaining
  • Registration at Tax House, Retirement and Health Fund
  • Rental contract preparing
  • Labor Contract preparing
  • Documents translation on local language by sworn translator
  • Documents notarization
  • Payment of all taxes and other expenses
  • Legal consulting on related issues