Economic Citizenship in Montenegro

Main conditions for acquiring economic citizenship in Montenegro through the investment:

  1. The applicant submits his application over the licensed Agent for intermediation
  2. The applicant can ask for citizenship for himself and his family members
  3. The applicant needs to submit evidence that he/she is not fined for the crime for more than one year of prison
  4. The applicant needs to provide positive Due Diligence report from the licensed Agent for the security clearance (DD Agent) including a statement about the origin of money deposit for the investment
  5. The applicant has to pay costs in advance, in amounts as follows:

    5.1    15,000 EUR –  governmental fee for himself

    5.2    10,000 EUR –  governmental fee for each of maximal four family members (family members are spouse and children, only. Children younger than 18 can apply for citizenship, however, they will receive the permanent residence license for Montenegro. Once they turn 18,  they will be eligible to acquire the passport through the regular procedure.)
    5.3    50,000 EUR –  governmental fee for each of 5th and more family members
    5.4    100,000 EUR  –  governmental fee for the development of rural areas of Montenegro
    5.5    250,000 EUR –  for the investment in the projects approved by the Government in the northern and central part of Montenegro
              450.000 EUR  – for the investment in the projects approved by the Government, in the seaside part of Montenegro or the area of the capital of Podgorica.

    5.6    30,000 EUR – fee to the Intermediation agent (+ 5.000 EUR for each family member)

    5.7    7,000* EUR for the applicant or 10,000* EUR for the family – fee to the DD agent
  6. The applicant has to submit personal documents for him and his family members, as follows:

 6.1.   Application form for the citizenship approval
 6.2.  Notarised passport copy (apostilled if applies)
 6.3.  Extract from the birth registry
 6.4.  Excerpt from the marriage registry
 6.5.  Health insurance policy valid in Montenegro
 6.6.  Medical report about infective decease  issued in the country of origin
 6.7.  CV
6.8.  Statement about funds origin for 5.5 payment

*to be confirmed